In these strange times it’s hard to know what’s appropriate to blog. But I just wanted to mention that I’m still here and looking forward to the lock-down easing soon.

Our last shoot was on Friday, 13th March (of all dates) but we’re hoping to be shooting again very soon. I’ve been doing a little work from the studio to keep the fish company, since I’m the only one in the building and can combine the commute on bicycle with my daily exercise. I’m certainly ready for business the moment social distancing rules are relaxed a little and look forward to hearing from anyone with enquiries for the future.

For now, let’s go with some more photos from the archive for a little escapism and nostalgia for the days before Covid-19. These photographs were taken for Arts Council England and are perhaps in keeping with the surreal times in which we find ourselves.

Update 15th June, 2020: Our photography studio is open again and we’re taking bookings for portraits, including headshots, family portraits and passport photos. We’re also available for any location shoots so drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you!