Shooting American Football for the first time in almost 10 years – Oxford Saints Vs Ipswich Cardinals in a pre-season friendly was a humbling experience!

The Saints were on top form though, and the weather was beautiful which made my life a lot easier! From the pre-game warmups, drills and team talks there was so much to capture before the game even started. But before I knew it the game was underway.

The first challenge was actually following the ball through each play – the deception tactics used to keep the ball away from the opposing defence also deceiving me most of the time!

The second challenge was being in the right place to capture the action – with the stop start plays turning into sudden breakaways and interceptions, the action would be slowly moving towards you, only to shoot off in the opposite direction.

Overall I had a great time and came away thrilled with what I’d managed to capture – most importantly though I left really excited for the next game! I’m hoping to put all the little learning points to use to try and get some even better shots next time.

Special mention to Jamie and Marc, the team’s photographer and videographer respectively, who were so welcoming and happy to share their expertise with me on the day!