Graduate Photographer

Reuben is Fisher Studios’ graduate photographer. With an exceptional eye for light, shadow and colour, Reuben transfers his observational skills into a commercial setting to create meaningful images for our clients.

Reuben’s passion for photography began in 2018 when his father handed down a film camera just before moving to Bristol. Camera in hand, Reuben connected with the city through images and has since found a love for photographing his immediate surroundings.

He has since completed a BA (Hons) in Photography and created an award-winning short film about wild swimming. Reuben took on various jobs as a freelance photographer and photography assistant before joining the Fisher Studios team in the summer of 2023.

“Reuben’s work shows how important it is to experiment with visual communication and find themes that connect and tell important stories” 

– Dr Grant Scott, Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University

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