Big things are happening in the photographic world and the 2020’s will be a time of accelerated change for photographers.

Mirrorless camera systems are proving themselves to be a force to be reckoned with as the big two camera manufacturers, Nikon and Canon, grapple to respond to the effect that Sony and Apple have had on their market over the past decade.

The most significant developments in photography will be software based, rather than hardware, and the willingness and enthusiasm of professional photographers to embrace these new technologies will be the difference between their ultimate success or failure over the next 10 years.

Riding on my enthusiasm and excitement for this new decade, I’ve decided to start afresh with this new website! My aim is to produce a site which is a true reflection of the Fisher Studios brand, its experience in weathering two decades of the most dramatic changes in the history of photography and to take the fullest advantage of the opportunities that the digital era is providing.

Update: 3rd August 2020 – Ok, so Covid-19 has been the big change for the decade! Still, it will be interesting to see how photographers respond to the new technologies I mentioned and how quickly they’re adopted with so many other things to think about!