David donated his time and services to support a project being run by the British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH), in Malawi, spending a week in the capital Lilongwe, in May 2023.

Malawi has a particularly high incidence of hand injuries, partly as a result of having one of the world’s highest rates of road traffic accidents. Injuries sustained can lead to permanent disability and affect entire families, leading to poverty and dependency. Therefore the provision of specialist surgery can be absolutely transformational compared to rudimentary options such as amputation.

The BSSH’s LION project is supporting the delivery of hand surgery at a new hospital in Lilongwe for 5 years by providing volunteers to help the hospital’s hand surgery provision to get off the ground, including by running specialist clinics and through education and training of the local of staff.

These photographs were taken at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Malawi, where the BSSH team were providing their support whilst awaiting the move to the new hospital, the Lilongwe Institute of Orthopaedics and Neursurgery (LION) which was officially opened in April 2023.

David’s photographs will be used to promote the project to potential donors and to help attract a steady stream of volunteers, crucial in ensuring its viability.